Planning Your Home Remodeling

Make your wishlist.

Make a two column table, then in one column list your wants. In the other column, list your needs.  This will help further along the line when you’re faced with difficult decisions by giving you a clearer picture of your priorities.  ie. What jobs have to happen now and what jobs can wait, for example a second upstairs bathroom might be an absolute necessity; a luxury, top spec fitted kitchen with real marble countertops, maybe not so much!

Determine your budget.

Before meeting with any architects, building contractors or tradesmen, it’s a good idea to have a ballpark figure in mind for your project.  That way, both you and any professionals you talk to can have honest discussions about what’s possible. It’s a good idea to add 10-20% to your ballpark figure to account for unexpected issues and ‘might as wells’ that may crop up.

Check your calendar.

This may go without saying, however it’s surprising how many homeowners don’t consult their calendar when planning renovations but it’s important to have a timeline in mind.  For example, if you want the guest bedroom done in time for Christmas, don’t wait till November to start talking about it. Likewise, you won’t want to have roofers starting to remove old roof tiles when the first winter frosts roll in, or schedule major demolition work just before you host a family party.


Don’t just whack open the yellow pages and call the first company you see. Ask everyone you know about their experiences, good and bad. Check what professional trade bodies companies belong to. We’ve written a separate blog post on the subject of finding the right builder for you, so please go check it out.

Start interviewing contractors.

Don’t go with the first company you meet just because they came out to your house an hour after you called them. Often, the most reliable and reputable builders are busy working on someone else’s project when you call so if your timeline allows it, meet up with lots of companies you’ve shortlisted from your research, even if that means you have to wait a few days for a meeting.

Begin remodeling project

Examine the contract thoroughly

Before works commence, make sure all parties know exactly where they stand and what to expect.  Ethical, reliable building companies (like us!) will give clients a full project program that outlines costs and timelines for different project phases.

Finalise household arrangements.

Once you know when the work will begin, make any necessary additional plans, such as putting furniture into storage or booking a hotel for when the water will be turned off.

Create a little sanctuary for yourself (if possible!)

Choose a room that will be relatively untouched by the turmoil of the project and fill it with necessities and home comforts to keep yourself sane for the duration of the works. For example, a coffee machine, a TV, some books or magazines, your favourite music,  earplugs!

In Conclusion

When looking for building company or trades people to carry out some home remodeling work, then it’s clear you’ll need to do some planning and research to avoid potential problems and unnecessary stress.

Follow our suggestions, get recommendations, read recent reviews and meet with a few potential tradespeople to help you make informed decision.

If your construction project will be in Liverpool, Merseyside or anywhere in the Northwest consider this…

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We provide no obligation quotes and will supply you with a full breakdown of materials and labour, issue you with a programme of works and notify HSE of the project.  All of our work is carried out in line with recognised building regulations and Health and Safety law and is covered by public liability, employee liability and contract works insurance.


Make a list of jobs that have to happen now and what jobs can wait


Determine your budget and add 10-20% to account for unexpected issues etc


Check your calendar & do some research before appointing any building company or tradesmen


Check contracts thouroughly and finalise any household arrangements before starting any project


If you’re in Liverpool, Merseyside or the Northwest of England, give Ethical Projects a call for a no obligation quote!

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