Hello and a warm welcome to the Ethical Projects Limited blog and our new revamped website.  We’re Liverpool builders, but the informative articles we plan on delivering here, will be relevant to anyone who’s considering starting a building project, building a home extension, investing in a building project or is just interested in the construction industry.

What to Expect from our Blog

Over the coming months (and years) we’ll be updating our readers on all the new things happening at Ethical Projects to include building projects we’re currently working on in and around Liverpool, upcoming projects we’ll be involved in and sharing pictures and videos of completed projects.

We’ll also be writing more general articles on construction related topics that we feel our readers can learn something from, such as:

And much more.

We’d also be happy to take suggestions from readers on what they’d like to learn about – Ethical Projects have a very experienced team of tradesmen and professional partners with wide ranging fields of expertise, so if you have a subject you’d like to see covered here, please do get in touch and we may use your suggestions for future posts.

A Bit About Ethical Projects Limited

If you’ve already had a look around our website, you’ll know that we pride ourselves on being different from other liverpool builders in the way that we work.

As our company name suggests, we do things ethically but also with flair, at a reasonable cost and our work is always backed up with outstanding customer service.  (You can read our commitment promise here)

Unlike some of the “rogue builders” out there, we aren’t just out to make quick money out of our customers, then provide shoddy workmanship carried out as quickly as possible so that we can head to the next big paying job…

Ethical Projects plan each new construction job (big or small) meticulously and provide customers with a programme which outlines timescales for each stage of the project and a bill of quantities so that they’ll know exactly what they’re getting for their money and when, before work even starts.

We’d encourage you to learn more about us and our commitment to you by reading our who we are page and checking our blog regularly for all the latest news.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to welcoming you back soon!